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Here’s How Your Child’s Bedroom Colors Affect Their Mood

Choosing the perfect color for your child’s room may be challenging. While you may think it’s a good idea to ask your child what color they want their rooms to be, it’s not. Don’t get us wrong: your child’s input is important and valid, but we must make better decisions for their sake. And in the case of bedroom colors, consulting color psychology will significantly help us make an informed decision.

Children can be susceptible to colors, so it’s up to you to select the ideal color for them. To help you out, we’ve asked the best house painters in Fairfield, CT, for their thoughts about how specific colors can affect a child’s mood.

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If you think red is a perfect color for your child’s bedroom, you better think twice because the color’s disadvantages may outweigh its benefits. This color may be associated with love and passion, but it can also bring feelings of anger and hostility. In addition, studies have shown that it can raise a person’s blood pressure and increase their heart rate!

This color is undeniably stimulating, but at what cost? You want your child’s bedroom to be calm and serene, not highly-energized. Kids and energy are directly proportional, so adding a red wall may intensify your child’s already intense feelings.


While orange is a lovely, cheerful, and friendly color, it doesn’t differ much from red. Much like the color red, orange can inspire feelings of energy, and it can be too overwhelming for a kid. Avoid painting your kid’s entire room with orange; instead, use this color to make an accent wall or use it to complement the other colors present in the room.

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Unlike red, yellow, and orange, many house painters in Fairfield, CT, advise parents to paint their kid’s bedrooms green. This color perfectly balances energy and calmness, as it correlates directly with nature. Green has a calm and soothing effect, making it an excellent choice for children who struggle with anxiety.


The color yellow is ideal for children since studies have shown that it can boost memory and concentration. But is using it in your child’s room a good idea? Probably not. This color is connected to feelings of happiness and cheerfulness, so it would be harmful to paint a room yellow if your child has difficulty sleeping.

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The color blue is the best choice for calm, peace, and serenity. This color is excellent for children struggling with behavioral problems because it has a soothing effect that can calm kids down. Not only that, reports show that it could also reduce anxiety and anger! If you want the room to feel more well-rounded, paint it blue and complement it with other colors such as orange or yellow.


Pink projects calmness and empathy and can even promote nurturing feelings towards children. Because of how calming this color can be, it’s an excellent choice for both boys and girls. Remember not to overdo it, though, as your kids can quickly get tired of this color. Instead, use this color to create small accents in their room for optimal results.

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