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10 House Painting Tips for Beginners

A fresh coat of paint is a surefire way to increase a home’s curb appeal. It can revitalize a run-down home and transform it into a showpiece. A good quality coat of paint can protect your home from the elements for three to six years.

Painting can be a daunting task for beginners, but this undertaking is easy if you adhere to these tips recommended by the best painting contractors in Fairfield, CT.

1. Select the Correct Color

Your favorite colors may seem significant for clothing and cars, but they aren’t always the best option for painting your home. The paint color you pick for your home’s exterior must be both stylish and complementary to the building materials it’s made of.

2. Purchase Paint in Small Amounts

Consider purchasing a quart of paint rather than a large quantity if you are unsure of your color choice. Paint a piece of foam board and move it throughout the house at different times of the day to visualize how light affects the color of the paint.

3. Prepare the Site

Spend time preparing the space. Put all your decorations, including paintings, and store them in a box. Get rid of all the extra stuff, move the furniture to the center of the room, and then clean and tape off the walls, moldings, and baseboards. The plastic sheets can become slippery and messy, so cover the floor with a drop cloth to prevent injury.

4. Gather Your Supplies

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You have set up a “paint station” in or adjacent to the room with all the necessary supplies to complete the task faster. Gather your painting tools, including a paint can opener, a paint tray, a paintbrush, rollers, a paint tray, rags, a screwdriver, stir sticks, a hammer, a paint thinner, and a ladder.

Choose the best paint rollers and brushes for the job. The thickness of the paint and the wall’s texture determine which rollers are appropriate for the task. Angled-tip brushes are ideal for painting around and along trim.

5. Put on Work Clothes

Paint will inevitably get on you, so it’s essential to wear your work attire and slip-on shoes to make entering and leaving the area easier. Painting can be messy, so be prepared by wearing painter’s overalls or other work clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty. Additionally, wear a mask, as inhaling excessive paint fumes could cause health issues. Additionally, sanding is frequently necessary for painting, and you don’t want to breathe in the dust.

6. Use Primer

Before painting the walls in a strikingly different color, the best painting contractors in Fairfield, CT, recommend using primer. For instance, if the walls are brown and the desired color is dark green, it’s best to apply a primer to complement the top coat.

Painting the walls will require at least two or three coats of primer. It’s crucial to wait for each coat to dry up before applying the next coat to see the areas you missed.

7. Keep a Stash of Paint

Store a small amount of paint in a small plastic container or jar (such as a tub of margarine or a jar of baby food) for touch-ups. Make sure all paint containers have clear labels indicating the paint brand and color contained within.

8. Use the Tip of the Brush When Painting

Use only the tip of the brush when painting, or you’ll end up with conspicuous brushstrokes. Suppose you want your brushstrokes to blend in and not reflect light. In that case, you must apply emulsion paint in directions other than the standard vertical strokes.

9. Utilize the "Cutting In" Method

The best painting contractors in Fairfield, CT, advise to “cut in” when painting the edge of a wall where the ceiling meets the wall. To achieve a straight line, start at the top of the wall and work your way down in a horizontal motion, keeping the edge of the brush parallel to the ceiling the entire time. This method will be beneficial if the walls and ceilings are different colors. This method can also be utilized along window sills and baseboards.

10. Understand the Function of Each Paint Finish

The type of paint finish are typically determined based on individual preference, but a space’s intended use should be considered. Ceilings and occasionally walls are typically painted with eggshell or matte finishes to conceal flaws. Flat finishes are low-maintenance and simple to clean, making them perfect for seldom-used rooms.

Certain architectural elements, including mantels and moldings, can be highlighted with glossier finishes. In addition, gloss finishes are ideal for high-traffic areas like kitchens and bathrooms.

Hire the Best Painting Contractors in Fairfield, CT

Hire the Best Painting Contractors in Fairfield, CT​

Painting a home involves strenuous physical labor. Preparing the site correctly will require you to climb ladders, get paint on you, and work all day in hot conditions. If you don’t want to spend that much time and energy on your painting project without sacrificing quality, hiring the best painting contractors in Fairfield, CT, is your best bet. For all your painting needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Fairfield Painting Contractors.